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Leader Dogs for the Blind Celebrates 75 Years

Leader Dogs

Leader Dogs for the Blind celebrated their 75th Anniversary! With warm welcomes from CEO & President Susan M. Daniels to hysterical jokes from L. Brooks Paterson (Oakland County Executive), Leader Dogs for the Blind rocked their event. A special presentation was held by Jim Platzer and his “angel on 4 legs.” A meet and greet with volunteers & Leader Dogs followed by a campus tour were presented afterwards.

On April 4, 1939 on a small farm in Rochester Hills, MI – Leader Dogs for the Blind was formed. It was originally called Lions Leader Dogs for the Blind. Today, they train 300 dogs a year with about 130 employees. Training a Leader Dog takes about 6-12 months. Nearly 15,000 clients have been trained with a Leader Dog.

Special guest Jim Platzer shared his story and how Leader Dogs for the Blind made a difference in his life. At a young age, Platzer noticed that he was a lot different than other kids around him. He was unable to see in the dark. As time went by, Jim’s sight became worse. That’s when he soon discovered that he was battling with an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. In 2004, Jim Platzer was legally blind.

Leader Dogs for The Blind trained Platzer and gave him his precious angel Maddie. Jim Platzer’s life changed. Below is a picture of Platzer and Maddie.

To learn more about Leader Dogs for the Blind, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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