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Top 5 Ways to Treat Clients Like Royalty

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Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant and being treated like royalty. The server seats you right away with a smile on his or her face. Takes your order, then may make some recommendations on top meals or soup of the day. Your drink is always filled and your food is delivered to you exactly how you wanted it. To top it off, the waitress or waiter may come to your table quite a few times and even ask you how you are doing, or if they can get you anything else.

If you’re able to rate that restaurants customer service as excellent, you are more likely to go back there and even refer a few people to try them out. Now imagine if your real estate agent did that for you. Listened, delivered & made you feel good at the end of the day. You are most likely going to feel confident about your choice in Realtors.You may even refer all of your family and friends to that realtor.

Customer service is one of the top characteristics every person looks for in a business. When a client feels like they’ve been treated top-notch by you or your business, they start gaining trust in you. Some Real Estate agents fail to realize that without their clients, they wouldn’t be in business. Not providing good enough client service is one of top reasons why Real Estate agents are out of business.

After doing research, I was able to find different tips on how to treat clients in the Real Estate business. You may think these tips are common sense, but think about how often you actually practice these tips with every single one of your clients.

Top 5 Ways To Treat Clients Like Royalty:

  1. Following Up: It is VERY important to follow-up after every client! As a Realtor, it’s best to ask clients for feedback on a property as soon as you finish showing a home. A day after showing the any homes, this is when you’ve learned a lot more about your client than you knew before. Now you have a good idea of what exactly they are looking for and you’ll be able to eliminate what you think they won’t like in your searches. After sending them any listings, you should ALWAYS contact your client to make sure they’ve received your listings search.
  2. Having Patience and a Whole Lot Of It : To have patience with every client is probably the hardest thing, but one of the best characteristics to have in the real estate business. Difficult clients can be frustrating, but we shouldn’t reject them or argue with them. If a pushy client notices your frustration, that’s when your professionalism goes down in their eyes. Try your best to remain as calm as possible when dealing with clients that may add annoyance.
  3. Listening to Clients: When clients are looking for a home to buy or trying to sell their home, they want their real estate agent to hear them out. Listening to clients will help not only them, but you as their agent in understanding their needs and wants. Ask questions, and listen to their answers. Even if it involves writing everything they say down so you can look back at it for reference. Poor listening skills may result in losing your clients and that’s never a good thing!
  4. Being On Time: Time management is key. Try to always attend a showing or meeting before your client arrives. It’s simply unprofessional to be late to any kind of showing, meeting or closing. For realtors, this becomes an issue due to having such a busy schedule at times. However, if you have great time management skills, you will be appreciated by the majority of your clients.
  5. Provide a Helping Hand: Clients love it when their realtor is able to help them get the home of their dreams in every way possible. Show your client how much you care about their business by making sure everything goes smoothly from the beginning of your relationship with your client. For example, if your client needs mortgage advice, direct them to a mortgage broker if they don’t already have one. Referring your clients to insurance agent and inspector is always a good thing too! Remember to always go out of your way to provide a helping hand.

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily transform your business and attract more clients. Everyone loves to be treated like royalty; especially your clients! When you make them feel like they come first in your business, they are most likely going to appreciate it with loyalty & referrals.
Feel free to share more tips in a comment below!

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